The ART Trove

We exist at the carrefour of local artisanal creativity, community-rooted culture and innovative design. The ART Trove is a manifestation of the past, present and future in one encapsulated experience.

About ART & The ART Trove

Aya Toukan ( A R T) is the founder and creative director of the ART Trove, where she curates and creates her unique collections. She was born and raised in Amman, Jordan, and went on to study in London. Prior to the ART Trove, Aya worked in marketing and communications. During that time, she volunteered with different NGOs in Jordan, the artisans and the talent she came across is what fueled her passion and led her to start the ART Trove.   

 The ART Trove combines Aya's love for culture and design while also creating a social impact. The designs are inspired by Aya's exploration during her travels, where she finds herself mesmerized by the diversity that street markets offer, and collects little market treasures from all around the world. Aya's dynamic nature inspired her to create cutting-edge, unique pieces that can be adorned, translating her inspirations to functional pieces for everyone to enjoy.

 The ART Trove is a fusion of artisan-made products and contemporary, handcrafted home-decor. It stays true to Jordanian/ Palestinian craftsmanship and expertise by working with local artisans and craftsmen.