About us

The Art Trove
Where Local Artisanal creativity and Contemporary Design Meet.
 We bring together the past, present and future in one encapsulated experience, manifested through our unique brand. Our mission is to showcase the artistry of local artisans and preserve their traditions while embracing innovation and modernity in our designs. At the ART Trove , we offer an immersive experience that celebrates the richness of our culture and the diversity of our community.
We believe that it's the little details that can make all the difference in creating a home that truly reflects your personal style. That's why we curate and create unique pieces that are both functional and beautiful. Our pieces are the last touches that will bring your space to life and make it truly special.
Founded by Aya Toukan, the ART Trove is a homeware and lifestyle brand based in the Middle East. Aya, who originally hails from Amman, Jordan, has a unique vision and passion for preserving local artisanal traditions. Her background in marketing and communications, along with her volunteer work with various NGOs in Jordan, has inspired her to create a brand that showcases the exceptional talent of local artisans. celebrating their artistry and paying tribute to their skills.
The ART Trove is an acronym of the Founder’s initials, but also a nod to the little treasures and the delightful things. So when you put them together , ART Trove represents a collection of artistic and unique treasures that Aya has curated and created through her brand.
Aya's passion for exploring different cultures and new experiences is evident in the unique collections she curates at The ART Trove. Drawing inspiration from her travels, bubbly street markets, unique designs and art to create a range of homeware and lifestyle products. Aya combines contemporary design with local expertise to curate one-of-a-kind collections for the ART Trove. Her work aims to make a positive social impact by supporting local artisans and craftsmen.
 The ART Trove = Aya's curated treasures: celebrating culture and creativity.